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About High-End Series
Designed to maximize fitness benefits with minimal effort, vibration machines have quickly become the most shining star among the fitness equipment and have set a brand-new fitness trend called whole body vibration therapy. And Genki high-end whole body vibration machine rises in response to the customers’ need.
What makes the vibration plate stand out lies in its high effectiveness of shaking weight away. The best proof is that ten minutes of vibration a day can be equivalent to an hour spent on other exercises such as jogging and riding. This allows the users to save plenty of time on working out and more importantly, the impressive weight-loss effectiveness can greatly motivate them to keep taking their vibration therapy. Another amazing advantage of the vibration platform is that it can be used to target specific muscle areas. For instance, putting the legs on the vibration board can speed up the process of losing thigh fat.
Featuring stronger power and more speed choices, Genki high-end vibration machine can not only help you get in shape faster but also relax your whole body, improve the blood circulation, bone health and metabolism. Shop a Genki vibration plate to shake your body into shape!
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© 2019 Genkifitness Store. all rights Reserved.