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  • Q1. How do I place an order?

    Step1: You will need to login first. If you are a new user, you may register as a member for free.
    Step2: Browse the item you wish to purchase - by inputting the keyword in the search file located on the top left of the page or click on the category list on the left of the page. When you have found the products you would like to purchase, simply click the "Add To Cart" button. You will be able to see these items in your shopping cart then(View cart).
    Step3: When you have finished your shopping, simply click on the Checkout button located on the top right of the page or at the bottom of your shopping cart. The website will then lead you through the process of providing delivery and payment details.

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  • Q2. How do I get my Tax invoice?

    Once your payment has been confirmed by us, we will send the Tax Invoice to your billing email address. You can also get a copy of the Tax Invoice from "My Account".

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  • Q3. Can I cancel or change my order once the order is confirmed?

    You can cancel or change your order before you submitted the payment. Usually, we process your order immediately once the payment has been confirmed. Please email us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel or change your order. If the item has already been shipped you will not be able to cancel or change your order.

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  • Q4. Why would all the items in my shopping cart no longer become available when I check out?

    Our stock is managed on a First Check Out - First Sold basis. If the item you have selected is no longer available when you check out, that means someone has completed the check out before you.

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  • Q5. Why would my order be cancelled when I prepare to pay for my order?

    Your order will be canceled and the item will be returned to our inventory if we could not able to confirm your payment in 2 business days after you place an order. But usually we will notify you via email or phone to notify you.

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  • Q6. How do I check my order status?

    Once we have dispatched your order, tracking information will then be sent to your billing email address, or you may find the tracking information from your Genki account.

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  • Q7. Where can I find records of my previous orders?

    Simply log into your Genki account, click on "My Account" and all of your previous orders will be displayed.

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  • Q8. Why do I receive a different item to what I have ordered?

    We apologize for what may have been an error incurred by our dispatch center. Please contact us with your order number. We will resolve this mistake as soon as possible.

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  • Q9. What happens if the item I wish to order is out of stock?

    You can subscribe to our item notification service by clicking the “Notify Me When This Item Is Restocked Button”. When the item becomes available again we will send you an email to let you know.

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  • Q10. Where can I change my payment method?

    Simply log in to your Genki account, click on "My Account"->"Order History" and all of your previous orders will be displayed. Click the order ID you want to change and then click the "Change your payment method" button.

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  • Q11. How to Find an Order ID

    Log into My Account
    After logging in, click "View Orders" from the drop-down menu under "My Account" which is located at the upper left corner of the page;
    Go to "Order History", and click SHOW ALL. Once you have confirmed which order you are referring to, the PID number is shown under "Products Ordered" column.

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© 2021 Genkifitness Store. all rights Reserved.